UPS Installation

At East Coast Power Systems we understand that supplying the right equipment for your project is very important, but we also understand that many problems with UPS systems are a result of a poor installation and product selection.  Our team works closely with our electrical contractors to ensure a seamless integration of the proper UPS based on site requirements, project scope and product that meets or exceeds the customer requirements.

Backup InstallationWe start with a site survey of your location to measure loads and discuss your future loads, redundancy and project requirements.  Our application team then works with our manufacturer’s and develops a conceptual design that meets the requirements for the site.  This service can save considerable expense over hiring a consultant or engineering firm to develop a project scope for you.  For more simple applications you may not require further engineering, when an Engineer is required, we work with our team to provide fully stamped drawings that meet all local codes and municipality requirements.  Once a solution is decided on, East Coast Power Systems works with our experienced contractors to provide an installation that is clean, timely and to code.

As an integrator of UPS systems East Coast Power Systems represents UPS manufacturers.  Product selection is based on the best product for the application and the best overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our selection process considers several criteria including application, efficiency, maintainability, footprint and overall operational cost.

When the project begins we will work with the site contacts and coordinate the installation, logistics, start up and commissioning, seamlessly integrating a total solution.  At East Coast Power Systems we supply more than just equipment we provide a full turn key service that provides our customers with a value unmatched in the industry.