Generator Installation


East Coast Power Systems knows generators, but more importantly we also understand the complexities of installing generators.  There are many things to consider when your installing a generator and having the right partner can save you considerable time, expense and headaches.  It begins with understanding the municipal codes in your area, and continues with site surveys, application engineering, product selection and installation. Many aspects such as sizing and selection, electrical factors, cooling, ventilation, fuel storage, noise, exhaust and starting systems are considered.

Generator Crane Lift

East Coast Power Systems provides an integrated seamless solution for generator installation. Our team has the expertise that is required in selecting a system that meets the stringent requirements of the local authorities.  By using an expert in the generator business you can be assured that you’re getting the right product for the right application.

Our team considers all of the requirements necessary in equipment selection and installation including tier requirements, sound attenuation, enclosure design, rigging, permits and fuel tank requirements.  Our application’s team can design a solution for you, help with permitting and integrate the entire installation process from pouring the pad to rigging in the enclosure and conducting the start up.  Go with a trusted partner that provides more than just a piece of equipment, we can provide the turn key solution for your next installation.

As in integrator of generator solutions East Coast Power Systems represents some of the leading equipment in the industry, and has inventory in stock of both skid mounted and enclosures systems.  We match the equipment with the application to ensure you’re getting the right product at the right price with a professional installation.  From city rooftops to rural sites we have the experience to get the job done, trust East Coast Power Systems for your next generator project.