Long Back-up Sine Wave UPS

ups 1Pure Sine Wave Long Back-up UPS consists of a sophisticated design producing the AC wave power output similar to that you would get from your house power point. These UPS’s will support all the expensive and sensitive household equipments which will fail to run from the power output of a modified wave UPS.

The high quality power output from the pure sine wave UPS will maintain the unit’s power supply throughout, thus supporting these appliances like your household power unit will. This being the case it is always better to invest in a pure sine wave UPS and get a quality power supply that will support all your equipments without any trouble.

Luminous Sine wave UPS’s are packed with a range of user-friendly features, these are symbols of convenience and comfort. Very little maintenance, no noise… these Sine Wave UPS stand for powerful performance with all-round performance.


  • Very high load cold start by the UPS
  • Fast changeover time
  • Surface Mounted Technology
  • Smart charge technology
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Pre-loaded battery management software
  • Miniature circuit breaker instead of fuse
  • Pure sine wave output
  • SMD based design
  • LED display
  • MCB design
  • Adaptive Battery Charging Control (ABCC) Technology
  • Minimum changeover time
  • Thermal protections
  • No load shutdown feature
  • Intelligent battery low cutoff
  • Same as UPS sine, differentiator being the presence of digital display and absence of battery selection
  • Same as UPS LB, differentiator being the presence of digital display and absence of battery selection

Consumer Benefit

  • No second thoughts before using an inverter sitting idle for a long duration
  • Ensuring proper functioning of a computer in case of a power cut
  • Reliable performance and compact design
  • Faster charging and longer battery life
  • Improve reliability and prevent premature failure
  • Home UPS takes care of the battery, leaving the consumer tension free
  • To protect sensitive equipment

Higher KVA UPS (2 KVA – 10 KVA)higherkva

High Usability

Bid adieu to the hassle of manual start. Luminous Higher Capacity Sine Wave Inverter Series has been designed to automatically switch the battery mode ‘on’ during a power cut. No more start-up delay. Resumption of back-up power was never so quick. No inflammable fuel needs to stored and poured. It can run wide range of devices such as air conditioners, water pump, refrigerators, geyser, etc.

Low Operating

CostEnsure low running cost and higher back up. Luminous Higher Capacity Sine Wave Inverter Series draws only the required amount of power from the battery. By producing power as per the running load, our inverters ensure higher back up and in turn, higher durability of the battery. Remember our promise? Low running cost.

Inverter uses lead acid batteries to store power and release the same during the power cuts. Lead acid batteries are normally recycled and ensure customer to get some part of investment back to their kitty after providing them excellent service for more than two years.

Zero-hassle Installation

No more installation nightmares. Luminous Higher Capacity Sine Wave Inverter Series assure zero vibrations, low footprint and dimensions and can be connected to any three phase supply. These features make our inverters easy to install anywhere.


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Seven Segment Display
  • No Humming Noise
  • Improved Backup Times
  • Synchronized changeover
  • MCB Protection
  • Adaptive Battery Charging
  • Pure Sine Wave Output