Diesel Generator Sets

APD Series Diesel Cummins & AKSA Engines

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AKSA diesel generator set

  • Cummins Heavy duty diesel Engines
  • Revolution 1500 rpm
  • Water cooled
  • Tropical type radiator
  • Synchron type Brushless
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Overload acceptance 110% for 1 hour, 150% for 2 minutes
  • Short circuit resistance 300 for 10 seconds
  • Insulation class: H
  • Insulation resistance: 1800 V AC
  • Voltage 231/400 AC Three Phase
  • Voltage regulation:+- 0.5%
  • Protection class: IP23
  • Frequency: 50Hz


Manual Control Panel
  • Micro processed Electronic Control Panel
  • Relays
  • Protection Fuses
  • Thermic magnetic circuit breaker (TMS) 3/4 pole
  • Emergency Stop Button
Automatic Control Panel
  • Micro processed AMF Electronic Control Panel
  • Protection fuses
  • Battery Charger
  • Power Transfer (For ATS)
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Mounted on the steel base chassis
  • Fuel Tank build in base frame
  • Forklift pockets with in base frame
  • Dial type mechanical fuel indicator
  • Modular design
  • Soundproofed canopy kit (from AK10 to ASM7)
  • Anti–corrosion power coated phosphate priming.
  • Insulated with acoustic foam lining.
  • Heat shield protection.
  • Lockable doors with keys.
  • Exterior emergency stop push button.
  • Thermally insulated engine exhaust systems.
  • Door on each side.
  • Panel Window.
  • AKSA makes its generating sets noise level tests in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC validation of the noise level test has been approved by the notified body Szutest.
diesel-gererator-set-aAKSA SETS Standard Specifications
  • Compact footprint, low profile design.
  • Enclosure, generator set, exhaust system and fuel tank are pre-assembled, preintegrated and shipped as one package
  • Body made from steel components treated with polyester powder coating
  • Fire retardant foam insulation
  • Easy access to all service points
  • Exhaust system inside canopy
  • Large doors on each side
  • Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door
  • Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior
  • Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded
  • Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lockable access doors.
  • Lifting points on the top of canopy and base frame
  • Customer options available to meet your applications needs.
  • Aksa makes its generating sets’ noise level tests in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC validation of the noise level
  • Test has been aproved by the notified body Szutest.